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Under the guidance of our Ayurvedic Practitioners and shared education from other peers participating in the cleanse, you will learn cleansing techniques, recipes, meditations, and more. These will serve as lifelong tools in which you will have the confidence to continue to draw when needed.

We do encourage those who are interested to consider that participating in the CCA At-Home Cleanse is a commitment. There will be times when it will feel intense and challenging but we know that what you will gain is a fresh perspective and your experience will be worthwhile.

What To Expect

Meeting Schedule

During the cleanse program you will meet via Zoom as a group. These meetings are an opportunity for you to learn from one another and form relationships as you share your experiences during the cleanse.

There will be three groups meetings- -TBA

CCA At-Home Cleanse Kit

(included in registration fee)

The herbal pharmacy at CCA and your Ayurvedic Practitioners have thoughtfully designed a CCA At-Home Herbal Cleanse Kit that will be mailed directly to your home. This kit contains 4 herbal formulas, 1 jar of Medicated Ghee, a digestive tea, and a tongue scraper. 

Additional Materials Needed

You will need to obtain a few additional supplies, 5 lbs Mung Dal, 5 lbs Basmati Rice, 7.5 oz Ghee, 34 oz Sesame Oil, refined or unrefined, Cheesecloth, Thermometer, Rock Salt, and Honey.

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With Dr. Kelsey Page, MAS

& Dr. Balibar (Bobby) Takhar MAS

Cost $799 ($250 non-refundable deposit)
Early Bird Special - $649

Registration ends Feb. 23rd 2024

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