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The CCA At Home Cleanse Program

From The California College of Ayurveda 

The CCA At Home Cleanse Program is a group cleanse that you can participate in from the comfort of your home while still receiving guidance and support from Ayurvedic Practitioners. 

The CCA At Home Cleanse Program is a 21-day guided purification process that you can experience from the comfort of your own home. Under the daily guidance and support from Ayurvedic Practitioners.


Join in on frequent group meetings held to serve as an open forum for questions, thoughts, community building, and to create a supportive network with one another throughout the entire purification process.

Ayurveda recommends cleansing at the start of each season to eliminate toxins, or Ama, accumulated during the previous season from food, stress, and other factors. Seasonal Ayurvedic cleanses are rejuvenating and can help restore balance to your body. 

Inspired by traditional Panchakarma Cleanse

Purification is a ritual practice imbued in tradition.

Absolutely amazing. All the participants and teachers were very supportive during the entire cleansing. - H.S.

Extremely worthwhile. You gain insight and perspective as with no other experience. - R.T.

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Tuesday, March 12 - Monday, April 1 2024

with Kelsey Page, MAS

& Balibar (Bobby) Takhar MAS

Cost $799 ($250 non-refundable deposit)


About The Healthcare Center at
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